I'm Anton Leonardes

I'm selling this patch to support my family and friends in Ukraine.  It was designed by me, and it is manufactured locally. There are several ways to purchase a patch.  Make sure to include your address on whichever platform you choose to pay.  The cost is $12.  That includes shipping.

Thank you for your support!!
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A little about me

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1987.  My mother brought me to the US in the 90's for a better life and opportunities.  I was adopted by my late step-father and became a citizen in 2010.  My mother had to go back to Ukraine a few years ago, and she is not able to get out of Kyiv right now.  She is running low on basic resources like food, money, etc.  I have other family and friends there who are in similar situations as many of their salaries have been suspended.

I wish there was more I could physically do to help them.  Hearing them tell me that they are getting used to the sound of the alarms and bombs detonating at all hours of the day is very hard to swallow.  I want them to at least have access to money if they need it for any reason, and I realize this isn't going to be something I'll be able to continue to manage on my own. There is no amount too large or small, and all types of support are very much appreciated!  Your money will be going directly to Ukrainians in need who I personally know.